Every meaningful connection begins with a Hello

At Jambo spaces, a simple “Hello” is our first step to building community

Jambo is a unique collection of co-working spaces with resources and activities curated to serve the African creative community

Creative minds think alike, but a community of them is unstoppable.

We aim to use the power of community to break boundaries, build bridges, and connect Africa to the world.


By working alongside other professionals in a shared space, creative professionals have the opportunity to build connections, network, and collaborate with others in their industry which can also lead to new opportunities, such as partnerships, referrals, and new business leads


With a fully equipped music studio, photography studio, podcast setup and even a kitchen studio for food creators we have all the resources and equipment you require to create world class content


With access to a very vast network of established creative professionals across the African continent, you will have access to frequent educating and insightful sessions with the best. Covering a wide array of beneficial creative professional topics


Not everyday work work work. “Even Jack no wan be dull boy”. Jambo Spaces will host a very packed calendar of exciting events and activities to enable our community to interact in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Creating together, Thriving as Community

Experience our
amazing space.