We empower African youth to turn their creativity into currency

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Creative minds think alike, but a community of them is unstoppable.

Jambo Spaces is a creator hub with a unique collection of community-themed spaces made up of creator spaces, podcast spaces, a music studio, event spaces, co-working spaces and resources and activities curated to  serve and enable the African creative  professional community.  Jambo has one purpose, and that is to “Empower African Youth To Turn Their Creativity Into Currency” . 

Event Spaces

Our space is designed to host varied activities and events of different needs and sizes. We welcome not only the members of our community but all of Accra and beyond.

Podcast Studio

Trypod is what we call our Podcast studio where audio storytelling comes to life. With star of the art RODE mics , crisp sound  and creativity merge into a haven for creators.

Music Studio

Our music studio, named Meister Music Audiolab is a world of sonic perfection. In this room, melodies come to life and passion resonates in every note.

Co-working Spaces

Our Co-working spaces are designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and teams to thrive. The spaces are themed and the aesthetic is wood inspired to embrace tradition..


Bandbox is where seamless creative collaboration is birthed in the heart of our co-working community.

TA Adesa Library

This library is a space that encourages visitors to reflect on the rich and diverse literary heritage of Africa and its diaspora.

Our Programmes

African Digital Creator Academy

The African Digital Creator Academy offers an 8-week program with 5 courses, aiming to empower creative African youth.

Ethical Storytelling

Join our Ethical Storytelling Workshop at Jambo Spaces for African bloggers, journalists, and digital news professionals.


This is a brand strategy masterclass aimed at equipping participants with practical knowledge on how to create and sustain profitable brands globally.


Unlock a variety of Creative Scholarship Opportunities tailored for visionaries in Africa at Jambo. From scholarship opportunities powered by Youtube, Badass Boz, Mozill and many global brands,

Rent Equipment

From lights, to cameras, to microphones and even memory cards, rent all your production equipment here.

Experience our amazing space.